We are as water droplets

We are as water droplets

Steiner Social Life

I took this photo while waiting for dinner. The sun shone through the blinds and my water glass, creating this beautiful pattern, including small bits of rainbow near the bottom of the glass. It begged to be a poem poster. Here are two.

Friday, June 17


  1. Oh, Sheri, that is beautiful. The photo and the poem you wrote, and the quote by Steiner too. They go so well together.

    I love the phrase "bound naturally" and "dancing our pasts into a fused future." So true! We are water droplets.

    Very nice. Thanks for the high standards you bring to the photo challenge!


  2. Thanks Denise. It has been relaxing to play with words that speak to me through some of these photos. Everyone in the project has such talent at choosing interesting shots to share. Thanks for taking the time to comment--sorry I Am late in responding.


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