A Stitch In Time

Back in the day ...

A stitch in time...

A stitch in time 2

In between sizes, I needed to sew a tuck in my new pants. I know how. My mom taught me.

So I reached into my mom's old sewing cabinet, now mine. It's like an end table with two drawers, the bottom for sewing projects, the top for needles and thread. I pulled out this set of needles: 100 assorted needles. Look at the next pic for the needles. Who nowadays would know there would be different needles? Look at this scene-- the clothes, the faces. I imagine this is from the late 1940s or early 1950s.

I remember walking with mom to Woolworths Dime Store --rather like the dollar store today, but probably better quality. It was 1955 and I was 5 years old. Mom didn't drive, so she, my brother, and I would always walk to shop, calling my dad after work or a cab to rise home with our purchases.

One day we finished shopping at Woolworths and were walking home with our few small bags. Suddenly, Mom stopped and said, "Oh no. I forgot to pay for my needles. They were in my hand." She turned us around, marched us back down the hill on 4th Street, and returned to Woolworths to pay the 25 cents for those needles. Think of the lesson she taught me with that simple honesty.

Thanks, Mom.

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