GloPoWriMo17 40517 Nature Inspiration

Nature Inspiration ... for NaNoWriMo

I stood in October amid the fallen maple leaves, 
a yellow blanket warming and warning
the blades of green grass of the coming cold;
Afternoon sun filtered through the lacy canopy
freeing the green and yellow
hues to embrace one more day
with their gifts of shade and respite for weary walkers
and the last birds of autumn;
Two ciders chided their neighbors: We are green.
Here, at the beginning of the path, I stood, 
amid daydreams of fairy friends and ancient folk
in stories I have not yet written
but hear them in the gentle breeze
as I gaze ahead at their world;
the granite stone centered in a circle of slate slabs
pointed to the wooden cable bridge draping over the 
brook breathing softly in ripples over round river rocks,
each sprite and stone and stream 
alive and freely sharing their stories of summer dances
when the fairy folk dazzle in the timing of their transparent
wings as they dart among the maple leaves and dip into the rushing current, laughing and singing ancient stories not to be forgotten;
The melody flows in my mind, and I am held captive
in the rhythm of a world that could be
and would be when this magical spot
is written alive in the pages of their gift

to add to my story.


#GloPoWriMo Nature Inspiration 40517 @grammasheri Sheri Edwards

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