GloPoWriMo 42617 Artifact 42

Artifact 42

Current flora exists well in current environment and surrounds each dwelling
Inhabitant dwellings built within boundary of concrete slabs which form squares encircling eight houses in two rows of four houses each
Each dwelling has similar artifacts, though synthetic content, length, color, and placement differ
Artifact 42:
Cast in loops, loosely left aside, beside dwelling atop surrounding flora
Flexible synthetic, tubular structure, twice the length of dwelling when stretched straight
Metallic ends, opening to hollowness of tube
Color of planet's evening sky, just before the orange of sunset
Artifact 42 Indications:
Design suggests artifact is vessel for fluid dispersement
Perhaps attached to dwelling for intake of oxygen or outtake of pollution for inhabitants whose lungs depended upon specific gases
[Note: the atmosphere at some time became oxygen-depleted]
Perhaps provided needed water into dwelling from human-created pond located uphill
Artifact 42 Links:
Link artifact to continued observation of dwelling and pond artifacts
Add to commonly found, and therefore, important part of culture of inhabitants

Archaeologist Notes
Star Date 32611.4
Planet: Earth
Continent: North America
Quadrant 1

GloPoWriMo 42617
Sheri Edwards
Flickr: Artifact 42

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