GloPoWriMo 42517 Periwinkle Places

Periwinkle Places

Pleasant spirits meander
within the protective periwinkle's
vibrant green leaves
and five fairy-winged petals
freshly unfurled
from its spring bud
in the dappled morning sun;
Its soothing shadows
bind passions and
find flashes
of past friendships,
spreading harmony
across the earth
in memories of joy
to those who pause
for its splendor.

Each day
on the garden path,
I ponder what else
freely flows
along the brown earth
in this place
of periwinkle;
perhaps the freeing and endowing
imaginings of fairies
dancing and enchanting
our world,
our minds,
with visions of vast possibilities,
stories of small heroes,
and chattering of children
with wishes and wonder.

Sheri Edwards
GloPoWriMo 42517
Flickr: Small Places: Periwinkle Places

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