GloPoWriMo 41917 A Brightening

A Brightening

Long ago when rains had poured
And forests stood tall and horrid,
Pixies pranced in meadows near
Happily playing without fear;
Some would hide and others seek,
Under tulips, rocks, and leek;
Foolish ones, to forests flew to hide,
Clinging to dark, then calling for guides,
Lost they were, 'neath mushroom chutes
Dodging owls who warned in hoots,
Panicked pixies together flew,
Into dark and danger to
Plant their lights of five small sparks
Held in deep dark by three folded hearts
Hoping the lost now so far away
In the forests in which they'd foolishly strayed-
Dark and deep, forbidding and frightening
Would see pixie paths the forest floor brightening
Dark in the the shadows once set for sorrow
Now shine the lights of the yellow wood sorrel
So now in the forest the lightness appears
Bright in the shadow, allaying dark fears.

GloPoWriMo 41917
Flickr: A Brightening
Sheri Edwards

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