GloPoWriMo 41817 Castle Blade

Castle Blade

Tall and straight stand the walls of Castle Blade,
Hidhome of the Fairyfree, Underlife of GreenLeaf,
Protector from the Toobright, yellow ball of day,
Defender from the Twofeets,
stompers of soil and sogreen
and destroyers of our GreenLeaf,
where we sing and swirl and dance,
dipping in the morning dew,
flying towards the stars,
flicking sparks and flinging light,
keeping GreenLeaf free and bright--
freezing like vibrant violas
when within Toofeets' sight,
safe inside our walls of Castle Blade.

GloPoWriMo 41817. neologisms . Sheri Edwards
Flickr: Castle Blade

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