GloPoWriMo 41617 A Letter to Our Flag

I write this poem with deep sadness at the division and growing oppression in our country. I titled with red, white, and blue; I focused on "OUR," which I so dream of again. I wrote it faded for my timid attempt to show how now diminished is our once dedication to liberty and justice for all -- people, not corporations. We lived together, now we live divided. Will we overcome our fears of others and our acceptance of disinformation? Will we return to the greatness of innovation in science and the humanities, in the focus on human rights and dignity [which I wrote about yesterday]?

I don't know, but today... I'm sorry to say...


A Letter to Our Flag

I'm sorry to say
that today
your glorious and
previously esteemed
is no longer one.

Liberty and justice
for all,
the vanguard of your pledge,
is diminished by executive
is trampled by dismantled
is restricted
by new regulations
in treasonous
assaults on
the people,
give that freedom
to the corporate

is from the billionaires
who grant servitude to sycophants
while previous
patriots of freedom's dreams
are enemies of the people,
where the people
are now the autocrats
whose peons
liberty and justice
to any who disagrees.

I'm sorry to say
the republic
now stands
for illiteracy, lies, untruths,
distractions, discrimination,
opaqueness, and propaganda;
not one nation,
but one authority,
someone else's god,
with corporate rule for all.

I'm sorry to say
our republic
is no vanguard
but a vestige
of human rights;
its dogma now
fascist ideology.

I'm sorry to inform you
for this oath,
I cannot pledge.

GloPoWriMo 41617
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Sheri Edwards

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