GloPoWriMo 41517 In the Middle

In the Middle

Tomorrow, I'll wear rain boots.

Today, in the middle of my daily walk
before the crest of the treed hill, I paused.
The roar of rushing water in the creek in the path ahead
caused me to imagine its dry bed flowing now instead
as a babbling brook fully splashing, the melting snow, its cause.

I stepped forward with the fierce flow envisioned
in my mind, a memory of a spring flow from times' past;
I quickened my pace and followed the frantic, swirling sound;
Surprise! the stream raced over my bridge, not under, not on ground-
I waited, attuned to its murmured message, then turned myself around
after impressing the wonder of the waterfall, an image held to last.

So, tomorrow I'll wear rain boots to join in the splash.

GloPoWriMo 41517
In the Middle
Sheri Edwards
Flickr: In the Middle

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