Saturday, April 8, 2017

GloPoWriMo 40817 Perhaps A Choice

Perhaps, A Choice

Walk on life's path,
Road, brick, earthen?
Imagine ahead:
A plan, perhaps a choice.

Walk ahead
Stepping to what is seen,
Imagining beyond:
A plan, perhaps a choice.

Turn around
Step back: a trial retried;
Re-imagining the path:
Another plan, perhaps a choice.

Still, if back-tracked,
Forward either way,
An image renewed:
Changed plan, perhaps a choice.

Walk, perhaps differently,
A turn, an alternate
Vision resetting the walk:
Adjusted plan, perhaps a choice.

Walk and stop:
A rest, a reflection,
Image acknowledged:
Plan focus, perhaps a choice.

Life's path, your way,
Beyond the seen and known
Into the imagined, into the unknown:
Interrupted plan, perhaps a choice.

Still, walk ahead
Take what is; make your way,
Choices always- image educed:
Your plan perhaps, a choice.

GloPoWriMo 40817
Poem: Repetition
Sheri Edwards

Flickr by teach.eagle

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  1. Walk ahead. Reflect. Walk some more. We all face our own choices, don't we?

  2. Yeah. The picture requires a longer poem. I wrote again on this in my next post with a note about the photo. We face choices, always, and some are not our doing, yet are our choosing. Thanks for the visit.


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