GloPoWriMo 40617 Points of View

Nature's Canvas

Once vibrant green, now red, yellow, brown: they fall one by one
in the gentle breeze, painting the lawn with nature’s mosaic of autumn.

Points of View

I’ve nurtured my essence, exhaled freshness, and shaded the creatures below.
Now I leave, allowing rebirth from where I’ve been and to where I go.

Pesky, messy, make me work. My back aches;
Next year, I’m cutting this monstrosity down.

Look! It’s magical! Run- hear the crackle?
Pile them up! Jump! Roll! Hide: Pop up:

Mmm. Dinner’s ready. I hear my call each fall to reclaim the bounty, breaking its gift back to its birth in earth.

Ah, now I rest from summer’s dependence on me; I gather to greet the earth, shining brightly in my last gift to all.

Sheri Edwards
Points of View
Autumn Leaves

Reflect curiosity and wonder --Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...