#napowrimo14 Welcome While Waiting

Welcome While Waiting
Inside; Waiting for oil change
Outside; Waiting for construction
Waiting for the next step,
Relax; let life loose
Let it flow around
Soak in the sun to warm you
Or the clouds to soothe you
And look within—
Waiting with wonder
Of a life lived
On a small planet
Pulsing ripples of yourself
Forward, around for others;
I sit sensing such in solitude
When a hand reaches out,
A ripple from another,
A reminder of the heart,
A review of giving
To others, to oneself
A story of selflessness,
A story of simple living,
A story of simply living
Arrived with hands to help,
And arms to hug,
To let life be less difficult;
My contemplation,
A gift of conTIMplation
Thankfully not
Welcomed while
Waiting for the next step,
Outside; Waiting for construction
Inside; Waiting for oil change.

Sheri Edwards
Photo: in 76

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