Gramma's Poetry Challenge #napowrimo

I have not suggested a Gramma Challenge in a while, mostly because you are all so busy, but this one you might be able to find time for. And you are all so talented ---

April is National Poetry Month, including National Poetry Writing Month -- write a poem a day for the month of April. I'm trying it. I'm sure my poems will be short. 

The challenge? Write as many poems as you can this month. Start your own blog. Or post them to your Google Plus tagged with  Or ask for an invite to my Wordpress site I created for us about three three years ago. Or post them as a comment to this post!

Remember to let me know where you are posting so I can follow and read your wonderous words. Will they be humorous? satirical? political? sports related? deep? fluffy? topical (nature, sports, whimsical)?

I hope you find time for a few...  Love you and your genius!

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  1. A man stood and said he could fly,
    But everyone thought it a lie,
    So he rented a plane,
    Jumped toward the terrain,
    And they gasped as he soared through the sky.

    1. Thank you, Allison. You are awesome soaring through the ether towards a poetic journey with Gramma. Love it.


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