Day 22: Close Up #napowrimo

112_2013_close_up.024 by teach.eagle
112_2013_close_up.024, a photo by teach.eagle on Flickr.
Close Up

Spring in the millennium
Picnic in the school yard;
Cleaning up beside me was
A small and thin young pup.

Waiting at each stop
Sitting while I picked up
Watching as I worked
Listening as I spoke,

Ears and eyes were both alert,
Tail, it wagged and curled;
Running as I moved ahead
Dancing all around,

“She needs a home “
“No, we have no time.”
“She will not shed,”
“No, we have no time.”

“She won’t survive the neighborhood.”
Sigh. I just don’t know.
“Really, she won’t survive.”
Brown eyes pleaded back.

Thirteen years and counting,
I’m glad I took the time
To see the soul of kindness
Found in her eyes, close up.

Sheri Edwards



  1. Oh this is fantastic! Very misty eyed after reading this. :-)


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