Day 10: Gift #napowrimo

100_2013_gift.011 by teach.eagle
100_2013_gift.011, a photo by teach.eagle on Flickr.

Coo eeah coo quk all
Let's gather; Let's discuss;
Let's celebrate our friendship;
Let's dance for our dreams
Share stories for eons
See great-grandfather young
dancing like the wind
weaving with grace through the
pattern of dancers as the drum
beats a heartbeat to live by;

Grandfather follows and frees his son
to step in sync with the beat and I,
I now hear my bells ringle a low, soft
jingle as I prance in place swirling down
to this round of the song of the drum
and listen for the beat to flow forward,
a dancer, an athlete, an artist, a composer,
a storyteller, a joker, a peacemaker;
all gifts given from the pow wows of elders
down through time for today and tomorrow;
Coo eeah coo quk all.

Sheri Edwards

The feather was created and discarded by a former student; it still hangs on my bulletin board as a reminder of the gifts my students possess passed on through traditions and shared talents.