NaPoWriMo Evidence


There, walking in the evening
beneath the sky of pale blue
along the grey sidewalk
lined with newly mowed lawns,
I remember the chatter
in the afternoon shadow
just outside my window
"I can reach it"
"I can reach it"
laughter, squeals, children's dares
jump, ride, dare, hide
spring brings children
running, growing, sharing, throwing
and aware, in the dare,
beneath the cherry tree blossoms,
of their own new sprouting, shouting:
"I can reach it"
"I can reach it"
And I now see the deed
of pink blossoms sprinkled
along the grey sidewalk
beneath the sky of pale blue,
There, walking in the evening.

Photo and Poetry by Sheri

For #napowrimo  #npm18   #clmooc

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