Hummingbird Moth

Large Moth Image Source: CC2.0 USFWS Mountain-Prairie  
Tom Koerner Hummingbird moth (Hyles lineata) or white lined sphinx moth Flickr  
Circle Moth Image: Sheri Edwards, 2006

The Daily Create today, What animal would you choose to be, seemed so simple, but then -- which would be helpful to the world? 

I first thought of cat and dog. Then wolf and coyote. I moved on to Western Meadowlark and Kildeer. I thought of llama and alpaca. Of course the cute chipmunk and toads crossed my mind. In fact I discovered exactly which toad lives in eastern Washington: the Great Basin spadefoot toad, which can live for ten years. That almost won, but then...

Ammie Scott reminded me:
I would choose bumble bee, except that then I remembered the hummingbird moth I had photographed at school among the petunias in 2006 with an early digital camera, so the image is small. And of course, moths are as important as bees. And this moth is apparently a main pollinator of the rare lemon lily of California.

So today the animal is:
hummingbird moth  (Hyles lineata) or white lined sphinx moth 

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