Digital Leadership

Can you impress somebody in five words? That Daily Create question could be about anything -- and there are some humorous ones #tdc1989 , but I really liked +Kevin Hodgson's words:

"Make Every Single Connection Matter" 

That's awesome. What a way to consider interactions -- make them matter and better the world.

We've been having conversations on Twitter about #digciz Digital Citizenship, and this is such a relevant idea. Imagine if we made every connection matter -- took the time to acknowledge and listen and accept, even if we don't agree. Which led me to think about how to encourage "Being Yourself" while still considering others and make the connection matter.

Be yourself while considering others.

We want to enjoy our uniqueness and our own beliefs, and we must also allow others the same honor. When online, we may not be "citizens" of the digital, but we are humans, and we all belong. Our actions must accept that in order for all people to live together in a free and peaceful world.  It's something to imagine and live forward:

Be yourself while considering others.Make Every Single Connection Matter.



Can you impress somebody in 5 words?
And make it matter?


Reflect curiosity and wonder --Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...