#jjaproject Spirea

Spirea blossoms:
Pink stars beckoning a pause
Missed rushing to work.

#jjaproject  #tfotofri
Sheri Edwards
June 6, 2015


Created with #steller and #enlight

About the Image:

I snapped the picture with my iphone -- close-up to the lower right spirea blossoms with the others out of focus. I imported that into my Enlight app and used the artistic painting mask to "paint" all around, except in the in focus lower right blossoms. I then imported that image into my Steller app, chosing the Wander theme with caption, exporting to Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram. In Instagram I exported to twitter and Flickr. In the Flickr app, I added the information on tags, description, groups, and albums, but needed to go to my computer to change the license to CC Non-commercial Share-Alike. While on the computer I also created this post.

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