Inktober 04 Underwater

I'm such a beginner. But I've learned that I can learn with practice, which is what Inktober is all about. So my day was filled with driving and errands, but while waiting for an oil change, these two little inks for day four flowed. First a sea turtle looking for a sea squirt. I had to look up turtle and what they eat and what those creatures looked like. "Where is that little squirt?"

Of course the first underwater scene I considered is the rising seas predicted and started from climate change. I have no perspective in depth or size, but it's an idea expressed.  The Dutch are experts at sea level and land reclamation architecture and infrastructure:

The Dutch Hold the Keys to Withstanding Rising Sea Levels and Worsening Storms

The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. The World Is Watching.

Reflect curiosity and wonder --Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...