#21doodledays I Can Draw Bean People

Day 20  Bean People  in #21doodledays by @DianeBleck 

Bean People are easy and quick to draw on the spot, making them perfect for sketchnoting. And, as the comic above shows, creating an emotion with just a smile or frown is easy. Add a spot of color, and your sketches sparkle.

I have said, "I can't draw" so many times in my life. I admire those who can just whip a few lines on paper and create a sketch. I thank Diane Bleck for helping me get to the point where I can say, "I can draw." I may not be an expert in all that drawing entails [like proportion, perspective, precision], but I can doodle; I can draw so others get what I mean. 

Here's how Diane taught me, and you can learn too: 21 Doodle Days [Free]

Have you said, "I can't draw"?  Practice for 21 days and you'll overcome the fear of that first dot and line. You can!

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