#21doodledays Gumdrop People

Day 19 Gum Drop People  in #21doodledays by @DianeBleck 

Only two more days left, and look at what we've accomplished!  I love these gumdrop people! I think I can create the book I've always wanted to write because I now have some ability to illustrate my ideas. Love this!  I've very excited to start Sketchbook Basics and continue my doodle journey.

To make the image above, I first watched Diane's periscope on how to draw gumdrop people and practiced while I watched:

I also decided to try a little foliage drawing from one of my doodle books, "Florabunda Woodland" by Suzanne McNeill, which was recommended by my doodling friend Susan Watson.  I know I'll need these in my upcoming doodles!

Really, it's fun. It's relaxing. It's better than TV and Facebook. It fills your spirit and imagination.  Try it:

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