#21doodledays Fonts

Day 11 Fonts in #21doodledays by @DianeBleck 

This is very fun. It's amazing how many FONTS a person can create and find.  Just Google "sketch, fonts, lettering" to find a style that you can adapt or adopt.

Here are a few I use along with our practice fonts today:

I love the "triple."  Years ago I was in charge of Monday morning's schoolwide "Word of the Week." I learned quickly to how to write LARGE letters quickly using three lines for each stroke of the letter.

It's quick and easy with a marker and can be seen across the gym.

So when I started creating fonts for my posters, I adapted that to the "triple" font. Simple, yet fancy.

I tried the alphabet today in some of my silly fonts:

These come so easily for some people, but I need to practice.  But it's so fun, isn't it?  What fonts have you created?

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Now, take out those markers and play school. :)

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