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The last Daily Create: 1 Story. 2 Pictures. 2 Sentences.

Sadly, my kitty has been missing for two weeks. I miss his soft fur -- softer than any I've known -- and beautiful green eyes.

The Daily Create


And now, I'm testing some things in Blogger.... Ignore this.

Testing embed Flickr -- it works.

Story in 2pics. 2 sentences. #30dayTDC #tdc1999

Testing .mov Google Drive via shared URL [Postcard Dance]. No can do. But here's the link.

Testing video from phone via "Insert Video -- From My Phone"  I can see it in my draft, but it doesn't work in this post. I'm leaving it until I can figure it out.

Embed Instagram

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Two Connected Learners #etmooc from Sheri Edwards on Vimeo.

Imbed ThinkLink HTML

OK. That's the end of testing.

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