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June is Daily Create

For years, I've enjoyed the Daily Create [@ds106dc], but have never participated. Yesterday, I accepted my firstTDC: Pink Engagement:

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Today, I start the June Daily Create Challenge!

Alan Levine's invitation [@cogdog]
What is the Daily Create?  Look here: About  and Follow @ds106dc for daily challenges.
The Daily Create provides a space for regular practice of spontaneous creativity through challenges published every day.
Today's focus: Stretch.

And +Karen Fasimpaur provided the opportunity. I created a Thank You in Collage by Fuzel shared in Instagram for her postcard, which I then used as a backdrop for "tiny things photography."

So today's Daily Create is a stretch of creativity, a slight one, as I thanked a friend and then extended the postcard's kindness into a way to photograph the little things that pop into my life.

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I accept the 30 day challenge, and hope for success.

Reflect curiosity and wonder --Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...