Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Walk In The Park

Walk With Me

Walk With Me

Walk with me.
Soothe the soul.
1 Step onto the footbridge,
dotted with leaves
until a breeze
carries them up in the air,
down into the brook below, 
babbling and barely there.

Pause at the bluebells
spread out in the spring
in the blades of grass
that creep right up to the tall
evergreen giants along 
the edge of the wild
bordering the creek. 2

3 Gaze up the diminishing
path where the prairie
appears only after climbing
the hidden rock wall 
fifty feet tall
behind the yellowing maples.

4 Step up past the stone
dedication to Mayor Cole,
step up to the old
pool filled with sand,
leaving the people
without summer water fun,
a ten year old city decision 
still discussed with derision.

5 Head north along the 
city rock wall, 
6  but turn back
along the wooded side
of the old pool with almost there
sounds of summer cheers 
and splashes by happy children; 
raccoon tracks in the mud after
a cool rain seem like toddler 
prints of yesteryear. 

7 Take a turn back south
along the still active
tennis courts

8 around to what seems
Lord of the Rings great
stone walkways
calling elves and fairies
and dwarves to council;

9 Follow their stone path,
nearly covered by overgrown
blades of cool green grass,

10 Lean towards the wall 
 heading down
to the brook, daring you
to join the afternoon
dance of fairies fair
among the song birds
yellow coated flitting
among the dappled
sunlight and delicate
maples, holding
you back listening,
wanting to stay
to dance
to sing
to close your eyes and
enter that far away world;
but a bubbling by the brook
beneath the bridge
nudges you to cross over and 
walk up back 
to human people
and your world.

Welcome to my world, my #clmooc friends! What conversations and creations we could consider and remix on this walk together.

It's always an endearing feeling to pop into your worlds in our connections online, seeing the joys and trials, different, but connected in understanding as we journey on paths that intertwine, diverge, and remix, creating friendships in these spots.

Thank you for being part of my life.
All work by Sheri Edwards

Reflect curiosity and wonder --Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...

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