GloPoWriMo 41217 Taking the Day Away

Taking the Day Away

Wispy clouds shroud shadowed land
In a grand array this March day,
as the sun's rays spray their subtle display  
across horizon's way: a brush of soft peach 
such that each wisp slips over this evening's 
crisp blue, 
a hue so vibrant
the sun can't 
cast its light on earth's limbs, 
outstretched, now black,
limbs of power, limbs of life,
inviting the lack of light, begging the night's 
slow creep so each moment bequeaths their 
striking monuments into towers of power 
taking our breath and the day away.

Taking the Day Away
Sheri Edwards

GloPoWriMo 41217

Poem/Photo on Flickr Taking the Day Away

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