Saturday, April 29, 2017

GloPoWriMo 42917 Pinewood


Love that I live
In the land of open,
With prairies and plains,
Sagebrush and wide skies,
Sunflowers in spring
And the smell
Of pinewood
On the edge of the forest
Above the valley,
A wisp of freshness
Flowing with the wind
Down the mountain
To our walk on the beach
And in the evening's campfire.

GloPoWriMo 42917
Sheri Edwards
Flickr: Pinewood

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Friday, April 28, 2017

GloPoWriMo 42817 In Spring, A Breeze

In Spring, A Breeze

Version 1

In spring, a breeze
Upon my face,
A string of hair
Now displaced,
I turn my head
The wind to blow
The wisp of hair
Behind me now,
And as I turn
My eye does see
The breeze flows on
To petals it turns,
A bee it disturbs-
This wave of air
In spring, a breeze.

In Spring, A Breeze

Version 2: Skeltonic, Dipodic, Tumbling Verse

In spring, a breeze
Does toss and tease,
My hair it frees
And flaps with ease
Into my eyes-
My hand it flies
To free my eyes
From hair untied;
And then I see
That petals three
Have slapped a bee
Who's feeding free
Now that poor fellow
On flower yellow
Must exit and tower
Over space now ceased
By spring, a breeze.

GloPoWriMo 42817 Versions 1 and 2 Sheri Edwards
Flickr Version 1
Flickr Version 2

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

GloPoWriMo 42717 Taste. Art: Spice of Life

Art: Spice of Life

Sweet curves surrounding , meandering
Through lightly salted shades
And bitter dark bolds
Punctuated by pungent points,
A sharp complement to
Delicate dots that burst
into melting lines like squirts
of seasoning in robust broth;
Consider classic dumplings, round and plump,
Soft, chewy,
Settling solidly
among the savory swirls and in the tart tangents
that cinch whether we nod in favor of its flavor
and its framing of a feeling of life
or we frown, not knowing what potion of life it portends.

GloPoWriMo 42717
Flickr: Art: Spice of Life
Sheri Edwards

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

GloPoWriMo 42617 Artifact 42

Artifact 42

Current flora exists well in current environment and surrounds each dwelling
Inhabitant dwellings built within boundary of concrete slabs which form squares encircling eight houses in two rows of four houses each
Each dwelling has similar artifacts, though synthetic content, length, color, and placement differ
Artifact 42:
Cast in loops, loosely left aside, beside dwelling atop surrounding flora
Flexible synthetic, tubular structure, twice the length of dwelling when stretched straight
Metallic ends, opening to hollowness of tube
Color of planet's evening sky, just before the orange of sunset
Artifact 42 Indications:
Design suggests artifact is vessel for fluid dispersement
Perhaps attached to dwelling for intake of oxygen or outtake of pollution for inhabitants whose lungs depended upon specific gases
[Note: the atmosphere at some time became oxygen-depleted]
Perhaps provided needed water into dwelling from human-created pond located uphill
Artifact 42 Links:
Link artifact to continued observation of dwelling and pond artifacts
Add to commonly found, and therefore, important part of culture of inhabitants

Archaeologist Notes
Star Date 32611.4
Planet: Earth
Continent: North America
Quadrant 1

GloPoWriMo 42617
Sheri Edwards
Flickr: Artifact 42

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

GloPoWriMo 42517 Periwinkle Places

Periwinkle Places

Pleasant spirits meander
within the protective periwinkle's
vibrant green leaves
and five fairy-winged petals
freshly unfurled
from its spring bud
in the dappled morning sun;
Its soothing shadows
bind passions and
find flashes
of past friendships,
spreading harmony
across the earth
in memories of joy
to those who pause
for its splendor.

Each day
on the garden path,
I ponder what else
freely flows
along the brown earth
in this place
of periwinkle;
perhaps the freeing and endowing
imaginings of fairies
dancing and enchanting
our world,
our minds,
with visions of vast possibilities,
stories of small heroes,
and chattering of children
with wishes and wonder.

Sheri Edwards
GloPoWriMo 42517
Flickr: Small Places: Periwinkle Places

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Monday, April 24, 2017

GloPoWriMo 42417 Nature's Canvas

Nature's Canvas

Note nature's canvas
With its ancient creations
Within today's scenes,
Reminds us its vast power
Transforms our puny paths.


flooded river valley beneath
ancient batholith
GloPoWriMo 42417 Tanka
Flickr: Nature's Canvas
Sheri Edwards

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

GloPoWriMo 42317 Elevenie


Awaiting spring
Where snow's melted
Sprouting blades and buds

Delighting all
Across brown earth
Nurturing souls and appetites

GloPoWriMo 42317
Sheri Edwards
Flickr: Brown, Yellow

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

GloPoWriMo 42217 Citizens Protect

Citizens Protect

Life: Walk. Breathe. Play. Work.
Environment clean, pristine.
This we do expect
by guidelines from policy,
but new leaders these reject.

Shrewd to disavow
corporation malfeasance
for which rules were set,
these leaders us do forget;
now we citizens protect.

GloPoWriMo 42217

Flickr Citizens Protect
Sheri Edwards

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GloPoWriMo 42117 Unseen Worlds

Unseen Worlds

Barren ground so brown,
trodding over its dreary
path, stopping for breath,
glancing down, stooping to see,
tiny worlds 'til then unseen.

Sheri Edwards
Flickr Unseen Worlds

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GloPoWriMo 42017 Games Hide 'n' Seek

Hide 'n' Seek

Crackling leaves, scattering footsteps;
"Go somewhere else"
10 11 12 13 14 15"
"Here. No over there."
"16 17 18 19"
Hiders slip in tighter:
Poking twigs pulled away;
Squishing close into hollowed tree;
Lying flat in maple leaves;
Silence, still.
"20-Here I come - ready or not!"
Rush of leaves
Slap on elm bark

Flickr - Games: Hide 'n' Seek
Sheri Edwards

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

GloPoWriMo 41917 A Brightening

A Brightening

Long ago when rains had poured
And forests stood tall and horrid,
Pixies pranced in meadows near
Happily playing without fear;
Some would hide and others seek,
Under tulips, rocks, and leek;
Foolish ones, to forests flew to hide,
Clinging to dark, then calling for guides,
Lost they were, 'neath mushroom chutes
Dodging owls who warned in hoots,
Panicked pixies together flew,
Into dark and danger to
Plant their lights of five small sparks
Held in deep dark by three folded hearts
Hoping the lost now so far away
In the forests in which they'd foolishly strayed-
Dark and deep, forbidding and frightening
Would see pixie paths the forest floor brightening
Dark in the the shadows once set for sorrow
Now shine the lights of the yellow wood sorrel
So now in the forest the lightness appears
Bright in the shadow, allaying dark fears.

GloPoWriMo 41917
Flickr: A Brightening
Sheri Edwards

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

GloPoWriMo 41817 Castle Blade

Castle Blade

Tall and straight stand the walls of Castle Blade,
Hidhome of the Fairyfree, Underlife of GreenLeaf,
Protector from the Toobright, yellow ball of day,
Defender from the Twofeets,
stompers of soil and sogreen
and destroyers of our GreenLeaf,
where we sing and swirl and dance,
dipping in the morning dew,
flying towards the stars,
flicking sparks and flinging light,
keeping GreenLeaf free and bright--
freezing like vibrant violas
when within Toofeets' sight,
safe inside our walls of Castle Blade.

GloPoWriMo 41817. neologisms . Sheri Edwards
Flickr: Castle Blade

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Monday, April 17, 2017

GloPoWriMo 401717 Nocturne Adrift in Chopin

Adrift in Chopin’s Op. 9 No. 2

Before the dark line of twilight
Erases light into dark,
Gaze unto earth's beauty
  Bees flittering
  Birds chattering
  Bugs scattering
  With dark's
Of balsam root
Of Dutch elm
Of clouds in sunset
Of flowing river and


The breeze
Bathing yellow petals
In the last of sun's warmth as
Buzz softly on the wind's
As birds float to tattered
On wind's strength;
Dash beneath the breeze
Hiding beneath pebbles;

On moonless nights.


And you'll know
All flow onward
Even in dark
  its line

Sheri Edwards
GloPoWriMo 41717
Nocturne Adrift in Chopin’s Op. 9 No. 2

Google doc


Sunday, April 16, 2017

GloPoWriMo 41617 A Letter to Our Flag

I write this poem with deep sadness at the division and growing oppression in our country. I titled with red, white, and blue; I focused on "OUR," which I so dream of again. I wrote it faded for my timid attempt to show how now diminished is our once dedication to liberty and justice for all -- people, not corporations. We lived together, now we live divided. Will we overcome our fears of others and our acceptance of disinformation? Will we return to the greatness of innovation in science and the humanities, in the focus on human rights and dignity [which I wrote about yesterday]?

I don't know, but today... I'm sorry to say...


A Letter to Our Flag

I'm sorry to say
that today
your glorious and
previously esteemed
is no longer one.

Liberty and justice
for all,
the vanguard of your pledge,
is diminished by executive
is trampled by dismantled
is restricted
by new regulations
in treasonous
assaults on
the people,
give that freedom
to the corporate

is from the billionaires
who grant servitude to sycophants
while previous
patriots of freedom's dreams
are enemies of the people,
where the people
are now the autocrats
whose peons
liberty and justice
to any who disagrees.

I'm sorry to say
the republic
now stands
for illiteracy, lies, untruths,
distractions, discrimination,
opaqueness, and propaganda;
not one nation,
but one authority,
someone else's god,
with corporate rule for all.

I'm sorry to say
our republic
is no vanguard
but a vestige
of human rights;
its dogma now
fascist ideology.

I'm sorry to inform you
for this oath,
I cannot pledge.

GloPoWriMo 41617
Flickr: A Letter to Our Flag
Sheri Edwards

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

GloPoWriMo Looking for "Us"

Looking for the "Us"

When we look up,
up above,
the sight we see,
both you and me,
is the sky of blue
with clouds in view--
all do see our sky,
the sky of earth,
the sky so blue.

So why on earth,
our one earth,
under our one sky,
why oh why
can we not see
the daily things in
family and community
like our sky of blue
holds that truth

in our oneness,
see the other
in brotherhood
and sisterhood,
in our common,
in our community,
in our one global
for our "us":
living, loving humanity?

Sheri Edwards

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GloPoWriMo 41517 In the Middle

In the Middle

Tomorrow, I'll wear rain boots.

Today, in the middle of my daily walk
before the crest of the treed hill, I paused.
The roar of rushing water in the creek in the path ahead
caused me to imagine its dry bed flowing now instead
as a babbling brook fully splashing, the melting snow, its cause.

I stepped forward with the fierce flow envisioned
in my mind, a memory of a spring flow from times' past;
I quickened my pace and followed the frantic, swirling sound;
Surprise! the stream raced over my bridge, not under, not on ground-
I waited, attuned to its murmured message, then turned myself around
after impressing the wonder of the waterfall, an image held to last.

So, tomorrow I'll wear rain boots to join in the splash.

GloPoWriMo 41517
In the Middle
Sheri Edwards
Flickr: In the Middle

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Friday, April 14, 2017

GloPoWriMo 14 John Dewey

Learning, espoused John Dewey,

Is not sitting, memorizing minutia! Phooey!

It's connective, interactive, and social,

Students doing to learn: experiential!


GloPoWriMo 41417 14 Clerihew

Sheri Edwards


Flickr: John Dewey

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

GloPoWriMo 41317 The Creek

The Creek

Winter snow builds berms along the bed of the dry creek
Held back by saplings, old elms, vines: kings of the creek.

The brown of earth, decaying leaves, and granitic rock
Hold captive the wish for spring, a hope hidden within the creek.

March warms with winds that rush in and over winter's snow
Providing the show and flow of mountain melt through the creek.

Spring showers flood into earth's dry path, washing away the wait
And freeing the wish for the green, the life hope of the creek.

The kings bud out, bloom over, and spread sheltering limbs
For the Queen Mothers of fur and feather, hiding their homes within the creek.

And I stand in awe of the metamorphosis from decay to delight,
Turning at the breeze softly calling: Is that Sheri again at the creek? 

Sheri Edwards
Poem: Ghazal

On Flickr: The Creek

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

GloPoWriMo 41217 Taking the Day Away

Taking the Day Away

Wispy clouds shroud shadowed land
In a grand array this March day,
as the sun's rays spray their subtle display  
across horizon's way: a brush of soft peach 
such that each wisp slips over this evening's 
crisp blue, 
a hue so vibrant
the sun can't 
cast its light on earth's limbs, 
outstretched, now black,
limbs of power, limbs of life,
inviting the lack of light, begging the night's 
slow creep so each moment bequeaths their 
striking monuments into towers of power 
taking our breath and the day away.

Taking the Day Away
Sheri Edwards

GloPoWriMo 41217

Poem/Photo on Flickr Taking the Day Away

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

GloPoWriMo 41117 Rachel Carson Would Say

Rachel Carson Would Say... GloPoWriMo 41117

Rachel Carson Would Say...

Once the skies were gray to black
The rivers burst in flames;
Water, poisoned, killed the fish
And sickened all who drank;
Breathing gases and exhaust,
People coughed and died.

War against nature is war against ourselves.

"Stop," they cried; "Enough," they called;
And expectations changed;
Plumes decreased and runoff cleaned,
Exhaust diminished and balance regained;
Skies shone blue and water flowed clear,
Health for all, two feet and four,
But wait: memory failed and greed regaled,
Pollution again spews free.

War against nature is war against ourselves.

Skies now blue will soon turn dark
And breath will turn to cough;
Water clear for heath held dear
Will fill with harm to all;
Stand up and call, "Enough you fools!
We expect our rights ring true."

Because- War against nature is war against ourselves.

"...war against nature is inevitably a war against himself."
Rachel Carson

Photo Copyright: Sheri Edwards 

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Bill GloPoWriMo 41017

A hint of a smile
puts the pun in perspective
with a story to share,
deep wisdom and care-
no regrets, just begets
life's journey in honest
hard work, friendship,


Sheri Edwards
My Brother Bill

Flickr Image at

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

GloPoWriMo 40917 We Are Dreamers

We Are Dreamers

Eyes forward, in hope, dreaming
From our birth, eyes open, dreamers
For the future, with hope, scheming,
All the world, all the people, past survival
Interacting, intermingling, interfering, some seeming
as interloping, tearing apart, bearing terror:
peace and visions vanquished; dreams emerge beaming
streaming together with care exuding: dreamers
Renewed:  Eyes forward, for hope, dreaming.

GloPoWriMo 40917 Poem: 9 Line  Sheri Edwards @grammasheri

Note About Photo [See Flickr by teach.eagle Sheri Edwards]:
Background: Grand Coulee Dam, once completely open
to the public until September 11, 2001
Middle: an artificial white bridge over man-made pond,
a frequent favorite of wedding pictures, a time of hope and dreams,
Foreground: A path, a bench, a place to reflect and dream

no matter what life throws at us. 

Reflect curiosity and wonder --Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...

Saturday, April 8, 2017

GloPoWriMo 40817 Perhaps A Choice

Perhaps, A Choice

Walk on life's path,
Road, brick, earthen?
Imagine ahead:
A plan, perhaps a choice.

Walk ahead
Stepping to what is seen,
Imagining beyond:
A plan, perhaps a choice.

Turn around
Step back: a trial retried;
Re-imagining the path:
Another plan, perhaps a choice.

Still, if back-tracked,
Forward either way,
An image renewed:
Changed plan, perhaps a choice.

Walk, perhaps differently,
A turn, an alternate
Vision resetting the walk:
Adjusted plan, perhaps a choice.

Walk and stop:
A rest, a reflection,
Image acknowledged:
Plan focus, perhaps a choice.

Life's path, your way,
Beyond the seen and known
Into the imagined, into the unknown:
Interrupted plan, perhaps a choice.

Still, walk ahead
Take what is; make your way,
Choices always- image educed:
Your plan perhaps, a choice.

GloPoWriMo 40817
Poem: Repetition
Sheri Edwards

Flickr by teach.eagle

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Friday, April 7, 2017

GloPoWriMo 40717 Shaking Out Memories

Shaking Out Memories

Teen cousins race upstairs
Just before midnight
"Gramma, where's the shaker?"

Tin cinnamon sugar shaker
Blue swirls of paisley
Square handle

Oh, those Saturday mornings
of burnt toast mom heated in the broiler,
burnt toast saved by the aroma
of cinnamon and the sweetness
of sugar; we kids watching
morning cartoons so quietly
while Dad slept in just a little
before his extra day of work began
so we kids could enjoy Bambi
at the Capital Theatre;

Oh, and at my own kitchen table
of that sweet cinnamon taste without the charcoal burn,
Two sons chattering about soccer game day
and a late afternoon of backyard play and bike ride races,
brothers always together
in admiration and competition,
bonded forever.

Ah, A memory of cousin play
at snow-draped cabin racing in tubes
down a slick slope and trudging up again for more,
brothers and sisters laughing as their children
swirl and twirl, screaming in delight
at the winter wonderland, and
returning to hot cocoa and cinnamon toast
with the blue shaker brought along to ensure a memory,
only to leave it for the next holiday renter.

"Lost," I say, and quickly pull a near-empty tarragon spice bottle
from the rack, to empty and clean out the sweetness of spice
to mix in cinnamon and sugar for the two hungry cousins
on a midnight food run for favorite treats, ready for a late night of
chatter and catch-up and planning the hike to the Bat Cave
and Fiddle Creek and an ice cream run at the gas station
during Spring Break at Gramma and Grampa's

[giggles] "Here you go!"

"Thanks, Gramma."

[sigh] [smile]
More memories shaking out...

Sheri Edwards
Fortuitous Poem

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

GloPoWriMo 40617 Points of View

Nature's Canvas

Once vibrant green, now red, yellow, brown: they fall one by one
in the gentle breeze, painting the lawn with nature’s mosaic of autumn.

Points of View

I’ve nurtured my essence, exhaled freshness, and shaded the creatures below.
Now I leave, allowing rebirth from where I’ve been and to where I go.

Pesky, messy, make me work. My back aches;
Next year, I’m cutting this monstrosity down.

Look! It’s magical! Run- hear the crackle?
Pile them up! Jump! Roll! Hide: Pop up:

Mmm. Dinner’s ready. I hear my call each fall to reclaim the bounty, breaking its gift back to its birth in earth.

Ah, now I rest from summer’s dependence on me; I gather to greet the earth, shining brightly in my last gift to all.

Sheri Edwards
Points of View
Autumn Leaves

Reflect curiosity and wonder --Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

GloPoWriMo17 40517 Nature Inspiration

Nature Inspiration ... for NaNoWriMo

I stood in October amid the fallen maple leaves, 
a yellow blanket warming and warning
the blades of green grass of the coming cold;
Afternoon sun filtered through the lacy canopy
freeing the green and yellow
hues to embrace one more day
with their gifts of shade and respite for weary walkers
and the last birds of autumn;
Two ciders chided their neighbors: We are green.
Here, at the beginning of the path, I stood, 
amid daydreams of fairy friends and ancient folk
in stories I have not yet written
but hear them in the gentle breeze
as I gaze ahead at their world;
the granite stone centered in a circle of slate slabs
pointed to the wooden cable bridge draping over the 
brook breathing softly in ripples over round river rocks,
each sprite and stone and stream 
alive and freely sharing their stories of summer dances
when the fairy folk dazzle in the timing of their transparent
wings as they dart among the maple leaves and dip into the rushing current, laughing and singing ancient stories not to be forgotten;
The melody flows in my mind, and I am held captive
in the rhythm of a world that could be
and would be when this magical spot
is written alive in the pages of their gift

to add to my story.


#GloPoWriMo Nature Inspiration 40517 @grammasheri Sheri Edwards

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

GloPoWriMo 40417 Enigma-Its Hold Lost

ENIGMA: Its Hold Lost

we were
as it whipped
in the wind:
bonded in color
strong from blood
pure in innocence
a fight for justice
all were equal



we are
as its visage droops
in our minds:
 pushed apart by color
weakened from blood
lost of innocence
renewed fight for justice
some are privileged
most degraded




Sheri Edwards

Reflect curiosity and wonder --Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...

Monday, April 3, 2017

GloPoWriMo 40317 Elegy for Three Brown Dots

Elegy for Three Brown Dots

In that moment when she dies,
When the loving of her eyes
Tore an abyss from my heart
As her being, now apart:

No more romping on the shore
For a fetched stick, more and more,
Eyes adoring, wagging tail:
Ever ready, on the trail.

Oh her kind eyes, gentle ways
Now are mem’ries:  shadow days;
Her life a gift, unbounded love,

As we’re walking, she, we  think of.
Sheri Edwards

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

GloPoWriMo 40217 Recipe for Relief

Recipe for Relief

  • 1 Place of Calm

  • 1 or more of who you love

  • A purring cat [may substitute adoring eyes of patient dog]

Meet in place of calm

To each of who you love:

A hug

Smile and laugh and sing,

Repeat this as a common thing.

#GloPoWriMo #NaPoWriMo #npm17 Recipe for Relief 040217

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

GloPoWriMo 40117 Sketch50 Social Media

Social Media can change the world --back to respectful!

Today's Poem

A world, set cruel,
Turns kind one by one, a choice
To resist, for love.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

GloPoWriMo 33117 Haibun Poetry

I awoke to a new day announced at first light by a chorus of robins, a celebration of the last #doodleaday , ready for April 1st, the beginning of #GloPoWriMo Global Poetry Writing Month.

Robins announce spring,
Chirping, chattering, tweeting
Me awake at four.

Yes, they chirp alarms
Unwanted, unneeded, yet
Inspired a poem, yes?

Oh, haiku power,
joyous chaos rises to
Humble my complaints.

Ha! And we two sing
Word play- Global Poetry
Writing Month: April!

Haibun poetry combines prose with haiku.


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