#npm15 #digipoetry Couplets

Today we had but a short time, so we wrote short poems: couplets. This was my invitation to students and here is our couplet blog, with student links in the comments.

Rhyming Couplets

Rhyming Couplets have a flow.
Reading them, makes one glow.

Rhyming couplets: rhythmic flow
Feel the beat; let them grow.

Descriptions specific
Are terrific.

The poems that are written — lengthened or shortened
Be sure the ideas are very important.

Look and see: they have two lines
A poem in pairs; end in rhymes.

One more thing before we go;
Make them fun so laughter flows.

“Jump off the dock,” dared my brother.
“Time out for you,” yelled my mother.

If it moves inside my house, beware attack- a little cat;
Little cat that runs too fast, slides to the wall -a great big splat!

My turn in is done;
Your turn for fun.

Comment back in the spaces below
Linking your poem with us for show.

Reflect curiosity and wonder --Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...
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