#napowrimo15 This Road

This Road

Twenty minute drive
one way
Up to work,
up this highway:
I know this road.
Some travel
the black ribbon crossways;
Sometimes darting,
daring the byway:
I share this road.
I know the places
they appear;
I look for them,
some year after year.
A home, this road.

Round the curve
to the straightway
Same old fence of wood:
same old ravens always stood;
Down a mile, on the wire
Every spring, meadowlark sings;
Slow down the hill
where waters run
See the sage
and wild rosehips —
that is where
coyote slips;
And up above
look there and smile
circling higher, ever more
eagle floats on wings that soar.

Peace of mind —
a gift, each weekday;
creator guides
each creature’s way;
We live this road.

NaPoWriMo 15 April  28
Sheri Edwards 

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