#clmooc Bio Map for Sheri

Bismarck is the place to be
to grow up slowly, learning free

A neighborhood of noisy kids
Exploring bugs, mud pies, and twigs,

Fireflies, choke cherries, bamboo poles,
Barefoot on beaches, digging holes;

In a treehouse, there we'd hide
Sharing stories; always outside.

Imagine worlds and make them real
Creating skits and games; kids' appeal.

What then would you want to be?
A teacher was the wish for me.

Now a teen in sixties rush
Bell-bottoms, Beatles, Teen Club stuff,

Sixteen cents a gallon for gasoline
Same for burgers; they're now a dream.

Summers filled with sandbar fun
Dance, Cruise, barefoot in the sun

Laugh In, Get Smart, Star Trek views
Kennedy, Viet Nam, MLK news;

Protests: peace and civil rights
Live and let live: talk, not fights.

What's my dream for the future?
Still I want to be a teacher.

College now for liberal arts
Moved away; marriage starts.

Whirls of life now begin:
Family, two boys, business wins.

Spokane living; hometown feel
Cub scouts, den mom make teaching real.

But then divorce and what to do?
Be a teacher: go back to school!

Learn in projects; construct my schema
Social learning, constructivism.

Draw out learning; respect the learner;
I'm a teacher, my classroom's lead learner.

That's my past; my present in quick review
Twenty-seven years teaching, each year new.

What will I be in years soon coming?
Always teaching, Always learning.

"Live learning" is what I say
My future? Learn every day.

Grandkids, Husband, life is good;
Plan and replanned; we made it good;

"Boldly go," says the Star Trek captain:
Step ahead, I say, even with trepidation. 

I've learned to do so with a kind heart;
Because peace inside is a start.

I live: "Go boldly; Scatter Seeds of Kindness"
Acceptance, Beneficence, and Compassion.

This, my map, is just a beginning.
One of many, connected for learning. 

Photos to accompany poem in myHistro Map:

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