Day 19: Colorful #napowrimo

109_2013_colorful.021 by teach.eagle
109_2013_colorful.021, a photo by teach.eagle on Flickr.


Imagine petals delicate
As silk, sunset pink,
Singes the sun and
Swirls a river of purple; add
Turquoise strung with golden
Filaments; top with
A crown of stamens and fill in a
Rose pink smile, then listen,
Eyes closed, to the tingling of bells
And the tap tap of felt slippers
Stepping slightly, delightedly in a
Dance of celebration for the birth of a
A fairy newly drawn to life from your
Brush of color

Sheri Edwards



  1. This is great Sheri, how fun. I will have to make sure Ashlyn sees this too. It put such a smile on my face this morning. Beautiful writing about a beautiful fairy! :-)

  2. It was fun to make them, and she always just knows the right colors and how to do it. Such a talented girl.


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