Professional Development

 I'm always learning. I belong to and participate in my association with ASCD, NCTE, IRA, for example. I read, study, apply, and reflect on strategies to help my students learn today and grow as lifelong learners.

To all teachers now, though, professional development isn't a choice; our professional world demands more as we implement the Common Core State Standards, plan for continuous teacher evaluations, and struggle with things out of our control that affect student learning.

Here's my most recent stack of reads to guide me. Hopefully my reflections on my blogs will help others as well. I'm especially looking forward to EL Common Core issue, Embedded Formative Assessments, and EL Feedback for Learning.  Embedded assessments are a must in Language Arts -- and the students learn more when they know the focus, share the focus and their work, and receive feedback on both what worked and what didn't quite work in their work. Facts, not advice, so each can ask the questions that will help them decide to revise. Love it.

And,  I certainly, gratefully, thank my PLN for sharing their ideas, resources, and strategies!

Forward... we will succeed...

Reflect Curiosity and Wonder...
Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...