Grey Skies 006_2013_skies

006_2013_skies by teach.eagle
006_2013_skies, a photo by teach.eagle on Flickr.
Across the street and above my house, the buzz of power is sent to you, high up through the grey skies of today, January 6, 2013.



  1. Nice! I have good memories of power lines like those. My little brother used to point to them and say, "Those poles go way, way down to Boulder Dity." We saw them on a trip to the Hoover Dam. Hydroelectric energy--green and powerful.

    Thanks for sharing them along with your grey skies!


  2. That's cute! In North Dakota our dams are earthen -- holding back the Missouri River. Quite a different feeling than the power of this concrete structure and its radiating power lines!

  3. Replies
    1. I know. Who would think an ugly tower could be turned into something interesting? Thanks.


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