A New Year Forward

A New Year Forward: New Year / New Goals

1) Focus Forward on Teaching and Learning — the wonderful faces and minds in my middle school classrooms: How do I help them grow as learners?
2) Frame Reflections to refocus on thinking forward and extending conversations in my professional growth with my PLN and PLC and personal growth with family — How do I support my own and my colleagues success?
3) Filter Priorities — stay focused on family and teaching/learning for my students to find and spread the good there is in my world. How do I balance my time to succeed in the goals close to my heart — for my family and students?
4) Find the Flow – allow fun and creativity to flow through my life. How do I enjoy, and help others enjoy, the work and play done as a family or as a class?
These four goals will guide me to balance in my life while focusing forward creatively on the good in education and how I can guide my students to their own balanced and positive learning.
How about you? What are your commitments for the New Year 2013?

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