Friday, June 8, 2012

Hidden Blues

Hidden Blues by teach.eagle
Hidden Blues, a photo by teach.eagle on Flickr.

Hidden Blues

Oh. White.
Go bright.

Oh no.

Rain pounding
Pouring, dumping,
Grey spreading
Circling, covering.

Hours passing
Blue hiding
Peeking, relieving.

Ah. Blue.
Thank you.

Oh yes.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Stump by mrsdkrebs
Stump, a photo by mrsdkrebs on Flickr.

If you pause
And hold so still
Barely breathe-
Yes: movement nil;

Look to the right
In ivy leaves five
Just a flash
Flash alive;

Stay still now
And look again;
Sparkles appear
In sets of ten;

If still you be
And still you stay
Fairies will dance
And in ivy play

Stepping in time
With the blink of your eye
Just wait; Just look
Once: they will fly

And you will see
Briefly: A pas de chat;
A turn of a wing
Then gone, like that.