Hidden Blues

Hidden Blues by teach.eagle
Hidden Blues, a photo by teach.eagle on Flickr.

Hidden Blues

Oh. White.
Go bright.

Oh no.

Rain pounding
Pouring, dumping,
Grey spreading
Circling, covering.

Hours passing
Blue hiding
Peeking, relieving.

Ah. Blue.
Thank you.

Oh yes.


  1. I love your poetry and photo!

    Our Phoenix, Arizona poem would go something like:

    Ah sun.
    So hot.

    Oh no.
    I forgot the sun screen.

    Ah AC.
    Thank you.


    Maybe one of these days I'll give poetry a real try. It's beautiful to think about the story a photo can tell, and the perspective in your poem just brings how the weather effects us to life. Thank you for posting your poem and photo. I love it!

    Have a fabulous weekend!


    1. Thanks Tracy. Yes, give poetry a try. For me, it flows to a point, then one word will give me a struggle because I've not clarified my real feelings. Once I've struggled with that word, the flow continues. It's a powerful feeling. Thanks for adding your poem! Our summers will be just the same. Hot. Sun Screen. AC or Lake :)

  2. Yes, your poems inspire me too, Sheri. I am going to be writing a poem about a picture this summer--sometime. And Tracy, I can appreciate your Phoenix poem too. :)

    I love the blue peeking out of your photo. The words capture it so well. Beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Thanks Denise. I know - I couldn't believe that the blue shone through the puddle too. It was a great time to be out with Pooka, catching the end of the rain and the first rays of warmth. I look forward to your powerful poetry :) Sheri


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