Ah, Friday...

During this summer, I enjoyed the sharing photos with my PLN for Paula Naugle and Barbara N's JJA Project: A picture a day for the summer. It was wonderful seeing golf balls at weddings, herb gardens, grandchildren, artsy shots, flowers, insects, etc. We learned tips and tricks of photo work as well as getting to know each other. Although we may have missed a day or two, our group of thirty-four have shared, described, and commented on almost a thousand photos! Thanks to the group for sharing and extending our PLN world view.

Now that the summer has passed, our eyes still see great shots, our fingers itch to snap that scene, and our minds wonder what our buddies see today. Once a connection of sharing is made, it's hard to let go. So one of our group, Denise Krebs, invites us to #FotoFriday, a great way to extend our shutter sharing.

Snap a pic or upload a pic on Friday of each week. Since most of us are teachers, and many FotoFridays already exist, how about we tweet the pics as #TFotoFri ?

Please join us for another round of sharing on Ah...Friday!

Today, Friday, September 9th, my husband, Pooka our dog, and I found a cool spot to relax in the nearly 100° heat:

Looking forward to Fridays! Hope to see you 'round in one shot or another! Let's accept Denise's invitation to share what " keeps my [your]  head spinning and my [your] shutter snapping these days."

Will you accept the invitation?

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  1. Sheri, you are brilliant! I love your photo--amazing that it's so hot there. Do you have that very often this time of year?

    Your post and your innovative ideas are so welcome. Thanks so much for doing this. I love the #TFotoFri hashtag. I hadn't realized until after I posted just how many different versions of Photo/Foto Friday there were, so this is perfect.

    You are right, I can't let go of the special connections I made this summer. Looking forward to more "Ah...Friday" moments with you and my other friends--new and old.


  2. Thanks, Denise! I kept thinking, "What pic could catch ideas today?" but had no where to post. So your idea to start #TFotoFri was so welcome.

    Should we create a Flickr group?

  3. Yes, we should make a Flickr group, and for the benefit of your future readers, since you posted that question we did make a group. Here is a link to the #TFotoFri Group.

  4. I just wanted to thank you both for starting this group. You'll get me using my camera more often.

    I have a love/hate relationship with my camera. I love taking photos. I love photography. I hate carrying it around with me.

    So, this will get me thinking about it more. Thank you both for inspiring me yet once again.

    Kind regards,


  5. Tracy, we look forward to your contributions. It will be fun seeing some AZ pics :)

    Five more days until Ah, Friday at http://www.flickr.com/groups/tfotofri/

    Love your Pumpkin "pi" :)




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