Bridge Shadows

On my way up to my classroom this morning, I crossed the bridge as usual, but was struck by the shadows leading me down the road. I had to stop and take pictures. This was the best, although I wanted to get the Dam in the image -- just the wrong angle. I love the triangles of mountains, trusses, shadows. Our world is filled with surprises.

Everyday I travel to class over this bridge -- the path to my class. This day it captured my imagination.

Reflect curiosity and wonder --Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...


  1. Sheri,
    Your bridge photograph is beautiful. Thanks for sharing so much about your lovely space in the world!


  2. I'm glad we are sharing our worlds. And we are all developing our "photographer's eye." Thanks for visiting.

  3. Yes, love that bridge photo!
    Go baldly!

  4. Yes, Greg. Go bald eagle, go. From this bridge you can see bald eagles, a golden eagle, osprey, and cormorants. truly amazing. Go boldly.... :)

    Ps. Readers: Greg is my son.


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Reflect curiosity and wonder...
Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...